Rosa Henderson

Rosa Henderson (not related to Fletcher Henderson) is another one of those Classic Blues singers who's musical accomplishments have
remained relatively obscure.

She was also known as: Flora Dale, Rosa Green, Mae Harris, Mamie Harriat, Sara Johnson,

Sally Ritz, Josephine Thomas, Gladys White and Bessie Williams (Viola McCoy also used the pseudonym "Bessie Williams")

She was born Rosa Dechamps on November 24, 1896 in Henderson.
The same year that the Supreme Court in Plessy vs. fergurson decided that segregation of the races was legal and needed.
Her uncle was the owner of a carnival.
She left home early to travel with the show throughout the South. In 1918, she teamed with comedian Douglas "Slim" Henderson who she married the same year.
They had two children.
Together they worked with John Mason and formed the Mason-Henderson performing troupe touring across the U.S.
Mr. Henderson died in 1928.

Rosa died fourty years later in 1968