Miss Lulu's White's
Red Hot Creole Jazzband

The Band plays the authentic, pure black Jazz from the Twenties.
The repetoire has been com-piled from the heritage of Joe King Olivers Creole Jazzband, Louis Armstrong's Hot Five and Seven, Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers, Clarence Williams, Thomas Morris and contemporaries.

Paris Washboard

Founded in 1987, the band is made up of four instruments: clarinet, trombone, piano and washboard. One can be surprised by its originality and its capacity of movements. The successes they got all around the world since 12 years can demonstrate that this kind of group, absolutely unique in the trad jazz world, is bringing something new in a jazz style that started to get more or less worn. Conviviality, youthful enthusiasm, humour, professionalism, choice of a rich and still enlarged repertoire (from the ‘20ies and the ‘30ies, Fats Waller, James P. Johnson a.o., but also original compositions and now Duke Ellington), and exceptional musical individualities bended with a solid frienship, these are the ingredients of PARIS WASHBOARD.