In 1933 she recorded for the last time under the direction of John Hammond for Okeh. The session was released under the name of Bessie Smith accompanied by Buck and his Band. Despite having no record company Smith was still very popular in the South and continued to draw large crowds, although the money was not nearly as good as it had been in the 1920's. Bessie had started to style herself as a Swing musician and was on the verge of a come back when her life was tragically cut short by an automobile accident in 1937. While driving with her love Richard Morgan (Lionel Hampton's uncle) in Mississippi their car rear-ended a slow moving truck and rolled over crushing Smith's left arm and ribs.
Smith bled to death by the time she reached the hospital.
John Hammond caused quite a stir by writing an article in Downbeat magazine suggesting that Smith had bleed to death because she had been taken to a white hospital and had been turned away. This proved not to be true, but the rumour persists to this day.

Loes van Wees sings with The Washboard Wailers:
If You Don't, I Know Who Will (Clarence Williams e.o) 6-21-23
Trombone Cholly (G.Brooks & G.Johnson) 3 mar 1927
Kitchen Man
(Andy Razaf / A. Bellenda) 5-8-1929 Columbia
Oh Daddy Blues
(E. Herbert / W. Russell) 4-11-1923 Columbia